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Trans Legal Project is a network of barristers, solicitors, post-graduate law students and legal researchers, giving their time free to provide a legal resource in support of the UK trans community. This website contains articles and opinion written by legally qualified authors (plus occasional commentary by others), aimed at helping trans people and their legal advocates understand the law and to claim and protect their legal rights in the UK. The last few years have seen an intense effort by opponents to have the basic rights of trans people eroded, even destroyed. Some of these efforts have been founded in ignorance, others willfully fueled by baseless fears. Increasingly they are being initiated by cynical bad-faith actors who wish the trans community harm. 

This site offers analysis of relevant statutory and case law, plus commentary on political initiatives that might affect the law for trans people in the UK.


Please note that we are not a legal support service and that we do not have the resource to be able to offer specific guidance on individual cases. 


Trans Legal Project has paused its work. We are unable to respond to messages etc at this time. Articles and resources around the site remain available.  

All viewpoints expressed by Trans Legal Project on this website are based on thorough research and represent our honest opinion. However, if you need legal advice you should consult a practicing lawyer.  

Material on this website and all downloadable material is Copyright Trans Legal Project 2021-2024

and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.

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