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A v Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police [2004] UKHL 21
The landmark House of Lords case. This held that a transgender woman can be viewed as a woman for the purposes of the Sex Discrimination Act (since replaced by the Equality Act 2010). Predates the GRA, but we still represents good law:

MB v Secretary of State for Work and Pensions (Case C-451/16)

This European Court of Justice case, postdating the GRA, held the failure to treat a transgender woman without a Gender Recognition Certificate as a woman for the purposes of the EU Social Security Directive was direct discrimination on the grounds of sex.

A Practical Guide to Transgender Law: 

Robin Moira White & Nicola Newbegin

The best general reference to transgender law, written by practitioners in the field, recently published.

Update: November 19 2021
An update to A Practical Guide to Transgender Law taking account of recent cases etc and including a new section on Northern Ireland





Transgender Law in Practice: Highgate House Residential Weekend 2020 - Summary from The Inner Temple Yearbook 2020–2021.
A useful summary of some key points:

Sex and Gender Equality Law and Policy: a response to Murray, Hunter Blackburn and Mackenzie

Cowan et al: Edinburgh School of Law Research Paper No. 2020/04
A response to claims that the interests of trans women have begun to erode the interests of 'non-trans' [i.e. cisgender] women and refutation of claims of policy capture.

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