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Further reading and resources

GRA Reform

Jay v Secretary of State for Justice [2018] EWHC 2620 (Fam)

This High Court case chronicles in detail how the current system of gender recognition is failing vulnerable transgender people.

(Trans)forming single gender services and communal accommodations.

Peter Dunne (2017). Social and Legal Studies. 26(5), 537- 561. [NB Peer reviewed] 

Gender Recognition, Self-Determination and Segregated Space:

Peter Dunne and Tara Hewitt (2018). Oxford Human Rights Hub

Addressing the myth that reform of the GRA would lead to men entering women’s single-sex spaces.

Gender Recognition Reform – The Current Debate is Misconceived:

Rachel Bowyer (2018). Oxford Human Rights Hub. 

A refutation of erroneous claims made by  two prominent legal academics during the GRA reform consultation

Will Gender Self-Declaration Undermine Women’s Rights and Lead to an Increase in Harms? 

Alex Sharpe (2020). 83(3) MLR 539 [NB Peer reviewed] [paid-for access only]

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