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RIP Terry Reed of GIRES.

Terry was a Tiger Mum who fought for her trans daughter - and then carried on fighting for others. The trans community owes her a lot. We're very sad to read of Terry Reed's death. Here at the Trans Legal Project we have huge respect for what Bernard and Terry achieved in the creation of GIRES and in all the work it has done to support trans people over the years. Terry and Bernard first fought to support their daughter through a gruelling transition - in an era before Gender Recognition was on the table and when blind prejudice was everywhere. And then they just carried on, establishing an organisation that offered quiet help for trans people going through tough times, commissioned and got involved in medical research to better understand trans people's needs and forged links with academics the world over. Their style was understated and modest, though both Terry and Bernard could and did tell it like it was when the need arose - highly articulate and powerful speakers to whom others (including MPs, senior civil servants and the NHS) listened. GIRES, under their stewardship, developed an international reputation. It continues still. We're sending all our love to Bernard and the family. There's more on this at the GIRES website Jo

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