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The EHRC Single and Separate Sex Spaces Guidance: A Train Wreck.

Regular readers will know what we at TLP think about the EHRC's recent non-statutory guidance on single and separate sex spaces and how its enthusiasm for pre-emptive blanket bans of trans people are reminiscent of 'bathroom bills' much loved by bigoted legislators in some US states. Here, barrister Robin Moira White (co-author of ‘A Practical Guide to Transgender Law’) goes into detail on why this guidance is misconceived, impractical and unlawful and explains why it must be ignored in favour of the EHRC's own Statutory Code and The Equality Act, 2010.

Essential reading for any Service Provider who wishes to avoid legal risk.

Briefing Note - New EHRC Guidance on separate and single sex services. 22.5.16
Download PDF • 1.43MB

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